About Us

Linda Bigler
Professional Business Coach, Mentor, and Inspired Chef

Linda Bigler cooks up recipes for success in the office and in the kitchen. As a professional business coach and mentor, she measures success by the success of her clients. She is known for her attention to detail and helping business owners achieve desired results through novel, productive and financially sound practices. She also reaches out to the greater Sacramento business community through professional workshops and motivational talks.

Her creativity in the office blends well with her passion in the kitchen. It’s here that flavors from around the world come together to SPANK! Your Palate™, Linda’s new endeavor into the culinary world.

The ingredients for her new business have come together during her lifelong journey sampling food during her travels and creating and preparing many fabulous meals for friends and family. What defines flavor? What makes food good or great? What makes us love what we eat? And who says we aren’t able to prepare the same great food that great chefs are known for and have fun doing it? The inspired chef and creator of SPANK! Your Palate™ is ready to ‘awaken your senses and your life‘ with her savory recipes in her new online culinary spice trade.

“Variety is the spice of life. I am creating a new palate of Old World enticing spice combinations to make fresh, healthy food an even more fun and flavorful adventure”, Linda says.

Her spice blends and cookbook will be available on line in the near future for all professional and discriminating home chefs.

A portion of the proceeds from her SPANK! Your Palate™ pantry will be directed towards her commitment to assist abused and neglected children in non-profit affiliations.

“Awaken Your Senses, Awaken Your Life” with SPANK! Your Palate™